What on Gods Green Earth is a Hipster?

The Hipster hip·ster- noun, informal: a person who follows the latest trends and fashion

What is a hipster? This description is not meant to offend – because none of us are hipsters anyway!  When you fire up the ol’ googlenator on the interweb there is no consensus to what a hipster is.  There have been no studies you can read about or listen to on NPR.  There are no TED talks on the subject. For the most part, it remains a mystery.  This nearly decade old question has baffled pop-culture scientists and handle bar mustache historians alike. The individuals who have adopted this rare (or is it) culture, aren’t  talking. So.  We are left to speculate on the terms origins, and who these people are.  image

What is it about the hipster that makes them such a reclusive and yet simultaneously affable creature? This is a question many of you may find yourselves pondering. The hipster has appreciation for a good $2 special on Pabst Blue Ribbon, and are always aware of the brand new trends before there brand new – if thats actually possible.


This is my version of a public service announcement to those who are not aware of this creature that is inhabiting all areas of the my home city Denver, CO – and across growing cities in the United States. Some of them are our close friends and family, others are people we admire (yes hipsters are in positions of power and influence).


The Hipster, aka the creature known to frequent coffee shops that no one frequents, wears the clothes that won’t be popular for months, and changes diets like the leaves change color in autumn. This elusive creature only attends events that are “pre-trend”. The hipster stays below and above the radar simultaneously (yea that part confuses me to).  I even included  some pics to give a visual depiction of what the interweb considers a hipster.

image  image image

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